Website Related Common Myths and Facts

Website Related Common Myths and Facts

  • Posted: 08/12/2018 14:13:20
  • By: Xaller Infotech

A website is a necessity in the Modern Era to reach your Target Audience, Brand Awareness, Popularity, Marketing, and Business Expansion. A website is your virtual presence, which helps the searchers, visitors, customers, and promoters to reach you. A website will create a unique presence in the Website visitor’s mind, which helps you or your business to build trust in their minds.

Along with a website, there are a lot of other aspects which come into consideration to make it impactful and influential. There are approximately 1 Billion+ websites on the World Wide Web. According to research, it is suggested that 25% of those websites are your competitors directly or indirectly. So, you need to be ahead of approximately 250 Million+ Websites. How will you do that? Is it a good idea to get a website? How can you reach the right audience? So many questions and so many answers, and you don’t know which one to trust. So, first of all, let’s get the facts corrected before we move to the next phase.

With positivity comes negativity, if there are followers, there are haters too. Everything has two sides like a coin. So, in this article, we would be focusing on the myths, misconceptions, facts, and realities. Let’s get started!

1. Images and Videos Are Solution for a Great Website

Most of the experts, folks, web design blogs, portals, and websites suggest that Images and Videos are the solutions for your next great Website. Is it?

No, it is not, it is a myth. They are the part of the solution, the reality is Images and Videos take a lot of space, and increase the weight of the website, which eventually makes it slow. It might make your website more favorable as compared to other websites but if the speed is slow and not up to the mark. Visitors will get irate and sooner or later they will switch to your competitor’s website.

Images and Videos do not guarantee success in the Search Results as the Search Engines will crawl your website, and they won’t find any information in it despite the image or video is relevant to it. That’s where Optimization comes into the picture. So, you need to follow the Search Visibility Strategies to better optimize your search visibility, results, and business objectives.

2. ‘Content is King’ – It Makes up for Everything

This is one of few misconception and misunderstanding which is revolving around the globe. Most of the Website Owners think that if they add unique, catchy, and trendy concept people will come, and they will spend time on the website, which will ultimately increase the impression rate, conversion rate, and the website likability.

But the fact differs from the above statement, People will spend time on your articles, blogs, content, or website. If they have a catchy Infographic, Image, or Video, which is relevant to the content, which adds more value to the content, and provides rationale reason to the visitor, which motivates them to spend more time, read the entire article, and also inspires them to share it with their network, if a proper CTA (Call-To-Action) is declared. So, Content Marketing is the King, and content is part of your customized strategy.

3. Website Owner is Always Right.

Most of the Developers, Designers, Clients, Customers, and Business Owners believe that the Website Owner is always right, and they are the right people to decide on the Roadmap, Sitemap, Design, Pages, Layout, and Flow of the Website.

It is a big misunderstanding and it is a myth, the Website Owner might know everything about their business but they don’t know the trends of Website Development, and the other half is also incorrect that Web Designer should decide everything as they have the knowledge of building a website as per the trends. Both the statements are myths.

The Fact is inputs of both parties are equally important for the development of the website, you might also take a third party’s opinion on the conclusion to verify and validate whether your decision, strategy, or plan is correct or not. For Website Development, Togetherness plays a vital role, always try to use your expertise. The Business Owner will help you to understand the industry standards, trends, and process, whereas, the web designer can share the latest trends in Internet Popularity and Standards.

4. Make a Mesmerizing Website, it will Succeed.

It is a myth that people believe that a beautiful website helps you in getting on the success path, and the visitors get manipulated only by the look of a particular website. It is a myth that People come for the design of the website.

Reality, on the other hand, is Visitors comes to a particular website to seek a solution to their problem, and it can be anything, alike we visit an e-commerce store because we want to buy a particular which sold on their website, we got to a website to get some information, which only available on their website, we visit a website to learn something. Basically, that website provides an answer to your question. A Good Website does help you to impress them but the Business Essence is the essential part of the success of the website along with its design.

5. Great Websites can be Built at a Cheap Budget.

It is a myth when people tell you that Great Websites can be built with a cheap budget. A lot of Website Designers, Builders, and Developers face this problem of people asking them to build a great website on the small budget.

Website and Business Owners need to understand that great websites are built by big teams, and the features implemented on them take a lot of time along with a big budget. It is important to plan the phases of the Website Development along with its performance, speed, operability, user interface, design, interaction, and various other aspects.

All of these above-mentioned features require Planning, Implementation, and Testing. So, it is not possible to build a great website at a cheap budget. Always try to implement the most important facet of your business to create a feasible budget for your business and the designer. So, that they provide you with their best work. As we all know, if you drop the budget, they will drop the quality, and you will face the consequences in the longer run.

Thank You for reading the article, if you know any myths and facts. Do drop them in the Comments Section to let the other Reader know about it including us.

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