Misconception about ERP

Misconception about ERP

  • Posted: 08/12/2018 14:21:20
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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an Enterprise Management Software, which helps the organization to identify the flaws, optimize the resource management, optimal task assignments, integration of financial and operational management with detailed reports and analysis of the workflow and the work done. ERP is designed and developed to identify the best way to achieve the desired results.

ERP is a customizable software which can be integrated to help the organization to collect, store, manage, and monitor the entire organizational data at one place for better information understanding, analysis, and interpretation. ERP helps you to identify the flaws in your current processes, and the available data helps you take the correct decision to get your organization on the path of Business Boost and Expansion.

Every Organization, company, enterprise, or brand wants to succeed, and success is termed on the way the organization manages their employees, customers, products, and activities. Everyone wants to gain profits and increase their sales and revenue for a better outcome, and business growth. But, there are few Misconception about ERP, which keeps a lot of companies away from it and they don’t use the power of Data Management and Analysis. So, let’s try to understand what are the myths, and why they are wrong, and why you definitely get an ERP for your organization!

1. ERP increases Expenses

The Biggest Myth about buying an ERP is people think that it is an unnecessary investment, and consider it as an expense. But, the reality is the exact opposite of it, ERP is a management software which helps you manage everything going in the organization for better productivity, resource utilization, and profitability index.

People think that there is no need to collect, store, or manage data as it can be managed manually or with any specific software. But it is not true, the issue with any software is it does not give you the personalized features, and they don’t provide the detailed information, and you end spending more or gathering irrelevant and garbage data, which does not help the top management to take the correct decision, you cannot track what the team is doing, what is the viewpoints of the customer, no idea about how to plan the projects, financial reports, etc.

So, now think again, ERP can be customized and personalized as per your requirements, it provides detailed reports about the various aspects, departments, and activities of the organization. So, decide for yourself, you want to invest in ERP, and gain more profits, or want to believe in people, who never used an ERP themselves. At the end of the day, it is your business which is at stake. Get it customized Right away and get rolling with your ERP, which will help you to grow. It is a small investment, which provides High Return on Investment (ROI).

2. ERP is just a Software, Is it?

ERP Software is just a software, which won’t help us a lot, and there a lot of software’s for free, which will do the same work and functions. But it is not true, most of the Big, as well as companies who become successful, have integrated and implemented ERP in their respective organization to reap the fruits of systematic and strategic management. As we stated earlier, ERP is a management software, which helps you to collect, store, manage, and monitor information of the entire organization to find the problem in the current processes and the workflows.

ERP is not just a software, it is a solution for your enterprise to fix the issues, create transparency amongst the different members of the departments, better customer experience, quality products, and optimal resource utilization. It is a one-stop solution for all your organizational management needs. 

3. More and More Functions Create Better Outcomes

More the functions and modules in an ERP, it helps to create the perfect solution, and it provides the best Business Strategy.  It can be considered as an incorrect perception about it, ERP should be personalized and customized as per the requirements of the business, and market standards to best match your organizational needs. Unnecessary functions will create complication, ambiguity, and confusion among the team members. Instead of being a benefit, it will become a weakness.

Always try to consult with the ERP Service provider about their suggestions, and select the functions, features, and modules as per the requirements of your business, always neglect and drop the needless features for top-notch performance.

4. Experts are Better Option than Personal Experience

Another myth is that an expert who experienced with an ERP Solution can take a better decision for your business instead of you selecting the one with your years of experience and expertise. Yes, we agree that an expert advice can be helpful and it can make a difference in suggesting you the perfect solution. But, trust us, it will never be perfect. Opinions are good to take as it helps your views, and provides more information about the solution or system.

The Correct Decision to make is to select the correct ERP Solution with the help of the recommendations of your organizational IT Team and your personal experience, as it will help you to understand which features are essential for the success of the organization. Select the correct ones, try to add some from the suggestions of the Expert but the final solution should be selected after the acceptance of the Decision Makers of your enterprise. Personal Experience will make a huge difference in selecting the perfect ERP match for you!

5. Any ERP can do your Job, Really?

ERP is a management software, which connects you with someone for a long-term and their support post the implementation plays an important role in your business growth and expansion, so the reality is not any ERP can do your job. You need to consult with them, check whether they are correct vendors to provide you with the best service and help you to achieve your organizational goals and objectives.

ERP provider has to be the one, who understands your business, and values you as their client, if they add value to your collaboration, then they are a perfect match, but always try to get the talk with them about their experience and expertise in ERP Solution. So, analyze, compare, and select the best ERP for your respective Business.

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If you are seeking an IT solution. Let, Xaller Infotech an opportunity to help you with the customized ERP as per the requirements of your business and market as per the consultation between us and your team about your business to provide the best solution.

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    better customer experience, quality products, and optimal resource utilization
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    Thank you for reading the article, we value your time, if you liked it, share views in the Comment Section.
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